A) Select Imager Format:
1/5 1/4 1/3 1/2 2/3 1.0
B) Enter desired criteria and then click 'Calculate' button:
Distance to Object:  Units Desired Field of View:  Units
Lens Focal Length:  mm F.O.V. Perspective: Horz. Vert.
C) Calculations:   Diag. FOV=  Units  
Distance to Object=  Units   Horz. FOV=  Units /   Deg.
Lens Focal Length=  mm   Vert. FOV=  Units /   Deg.
D) Optional Monitor Perspectives:
Object Dimension:  Units Monitor Size:  9"  13"  15"  16"  20"  27"
Object Dimension on screen =   " Monitor Dim.=  x
Specify:  Horz.  Vert.   Horiz. Monitor=  % Vert. Monitor=  %
* Units can be of any measurement as long as consistently used.